All the students in the school have special educational needs. Our curriculum addresses these needs, it is broad and balanced and in line with the statutory requirements of the national curriculum. In most cases the students follow a modified programme of study to match their personal priority needs. We  have developed pathways to plan a curriculum based on the students needs and mapped out a progression route to adult hood. Students may move from one pathway to another as they progress or regress. They are summarised below.

  • Red pathway (MLD/SLD, less vulnerable more creative thinkers)

Students follow a 3-year KS3 modified national curriculum, broad and balanced with a strong emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy, which pervades all subjects. Subjects include: English, Maths, Science, Music, ICT, PSHE , Humanities, Technology, Art, Life Skills, PE, RE, Forest School and Healthy living. Some or all these subjects may be linked through topic work to provide a context for learning. The pastoral teacher will teach the majority of lessons, some subjects are taught by a specialist teacher.

KS4 follow a two year KS4 curriculum which is focused on core subjects some delivered by subject specialists leading to accreditation appropriate to their ability (Entry level 1, 2, 3 , Level 1, 2 or GCSE) in year 11. Students will choose two subjects from our foundation learning vocational subjects. Core subjects: English, Maths, Science, ICT, PSHE, PE, RE, Healthy Living and Life skills. Foundation learning (FL) subjects include: Child development, creative arts and media, catering, horticulture, performing arts, hair and beauty, young enterprise and reprographics and workshop.

Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to take a study program, which reflects their prior attainment, education and life long outcomes. Within the red pathway their is a greater emphasis on employability and life skills.  All students take part in appropriate work placements and/or experience.

In 2017-2018 we introduced a new programme for our more able as part of the red pathway sixth form provision. This includes greater emphasis on employability and life skills. Students are educated offsite in the training room at the academy’s Catcote Metro. Our Stepping In programme consists of:

STEPPING IN – Functional English & maths + Employability + Life Skills + External work placement
STEPPING UP – Functional English & Maths + Internship
STEPPING OUT – Apprenticeship or Employment

All link Students and Y9 students will also have support for transition to post 16 and information and guidance on careers from our CIAG coordinator.

  • Blue pathway (SLD more vulnerable may have physical difficulties KS3)

Students follow a very similar curriculum to KS3 red pathway, though it may be more modified and personalised for some students.

KS4 students follow a very similar curriculum to the Red KS4 pathway having timetabled lessons for core and foundation learning.  They may spend more time with their pastoral teacher.

Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to take a study program, which reflects their prior attainment, education and life long outcomes. Within the blue pathway there is a greater emphasis on life skills and preparation for supported living and employment. Students experience vocational learning and work experience were appropriate.

  • Yellow and purple pathways (PMLD/ CLLD, with complex needs)

KS3,4 and sixth form students remain with their pastoral teacher for most lessons. Focus is on personal development and life skills in a highly modified curriculum, taught through a creative, forest school, sensory, topic based units. Some accreditation is achieved in Y11/14 as appropriate.

The diagram below summarises the pathways:




*See full Teaching & Learning policy and class information for more specific information regarding the curriculum

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