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This half term, Catcote academy has had some very special visitors. Bamboozle are a theatre company that use intensive interaction techniques to engage even the most complex students. They told a story based on Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ through music, dance and performing arts.

STORM was performed to two small groups of students from the academy as well as two small groups from our feeder school, Springwell.

It was exciting and moving to watch a group of students completely immersed in what they were watching, without the constraints of having to sit still. Some students chose to climb on the set, while others got up close and personal with the actors. The movements and actions of the students influenced the way the performances developed and what fascinating shows they were!

I think the students’ favourite parts where the ‘monster’ waking up and acting silly and the magician practicing magic. We hope Bamboozle will visit us again to work with even more of our students.