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Erasmus + Project Germany

2nd – 7th April 2017


This is our first real day with the visitors from all countries. We started the morning with team building challenges. This proved to be excellent with all our students joining in really well. Then following a little fun (playing in the school playground), we were off to our second challenge. We brought with us some recipes (provided by Carol at the Vestry) and we had to go out to buy our ingredients. Again this was great. We used google translate on our phones to find our items. The students took it in turns to make the purchases.

Today the real fun starts as we prepare a meal for 50 people.


germany 2Germany 3Germany 1

Tuesday – The bake off

Todays challenge was to work together as a group to prepare a meal for 50 people. UK and Turkey produced 25 starters each. Italy and Germany produced 25 main meals each. Sweden produced 50 deserts.  All meals are supposed to be traditional to the country.

The UK made spicy parsnip soup and home made bread. Everybody worked really hard. Just peeling 3KG of Parsnips and 1KG of carrots took the students forever. They all worked together as a team and we managed to have it ready on time.The German students were our waiters for the day and provided table service for all 50 guests including our international group, leaders of the school and the mayor. Our soup proved to be very popular and all bowls came back clean.

Following the meal the mayor voted on the best and the UK came 3rd. This was a great challenge and every country had a great time.

germany day 2bgermany day 2aGermany day 2


This was a cultural day which involved catching two trains to Bonn. This gave the students the chance to finally spend their euros which have been burning holes in their pockets. We visited historical buildings like the cathedral and had our picture taken in the cathedral gardens. We also visited the museum, which had an automobile exhibition. Perhaps the highlight of the day for the students was visiting the Haribo shop as Bonn is the home of Haribo. We finished the day with an ‘all you can eat’ meal at pizza hut. Our students are getting on really well with the students from the other countries and having a great time!

germany day 3b Germany day 3 germany day 3a


Thursday has been enterprise day here in the German school. Just like Catcote, there are lots of vocational options which the students choose and stay with for the whole year.

Our students joined furniture restoration, selling on eBay, catering, sewing and gardening. Our students fitted in really well and enjoyed showing off their own enterprise skills. In the late afternoon – early evening we went on a 2 hour trek up a large hill to a castle. This was hard work although well worth the effort. We finished the day at an open air restaurant and were joined by other staff and students from Germany. Our students particularly enjoyed sitting around the campfire and also socialising with the other students.

20170406_174514 Whole group

Germany Thursday Nicola and Stevephen