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Additional support

At Catcote Academy we know that our students’ progress and wellbeing go hand in hand.  We want to make sure we’re supporting everyone in the best possible way so we have a  range of help available.

Emma Straker

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

Being the SENCo in a special school means that I am involved in supporting every student in one way or another. I am responsible for all of the Annual Reviews of Statements or ONE Plans and making sure that we are working together to support students to achieve.

I also co-ordinate the support that the Academy gets from external professionals, such as the Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapy Service, linking between them and the team of teachers and support staff.

It’s important that I keep up to date with local and national developments in SEN so that I can support other staff in understanding any changes. I’ve worked in this area for over 10 years and some people might remember me from the Local Authority, where I was the SEN Manager and involved in Hartlepool’s SEN Pathfinder project.

I can provide support, advice and information for parents who want to know more about:

  • Changes to the law for SEN
  • Statements and ONE Plans
  • Personal budgets
  • Help with external professionals

Emma StrakerYou can contact me on the main Academy number or via email:  estraker@hpoolcatcote.org.uk

Lyn Younger

Student & Family Support Assistant

As the Student Family Support Assistant my role is school based and involves working directly with parents/carers and other agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students. Part of this means providing access to information and support for families.

At Catcote Academy we appreciate that it can be difficult to talk about some issues and concerns. Whether your child is affected at school or home, my role provides a bridging point to support you. The support offered to parents/carers is friendly and non-judgmental and can cover a range of issues, including:

  • Poor attendance
  • Behaviour concerns
  • Family issues
  • Support for transition to the Academy

LYNN YOUNGERYou can contact me on the main Academy number or via email: lyounger@hpoolcatcote.org.uk

Claire Robinson

Health Care Assistant

As the Health Care Assistant my role is to provide both routine and emergency healthcare to our students, directed from the healthcare/action plans within the Academy. As part of my role I liaise with home, school and other professionals regarding the healthcare needs of the students. I also attend multi-agency meetings as required to maintain effective communication with colleagues, student’s relatives and other health professionals. This all helps to promote all students’ health and well-being.

I oversee the management and the administration of medication in line with the Academy policy. I provide First aid training for staff and administer to students in the event of an emergency.

I organise training for staff with regards to the health needs of our students and maintain their healthcare/ action plans. I offer an open access drop in service to support all students and parents and attend any training that will benefit the Academy and students regarding health and social care. I help teach puberty, healthy eating and hygiene to pupils in line with healthy lifestyles. I work closely with staff to provide the appropriate specialist services that the students need , such as Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, School nurses etc.

CLAIRE ROBINSON  You can contact me on the main Academy number or via email: crobinson@hpoolcatcote.org.uk

Gill Durkin

Safegaurding Officer

The safety of our pupils is our highest priority. It is only when a child feels safe and secure that they can learn and thereby develop to their greatest potential.

In terms of the site, buildings and equipment, we aim to ensure that we have a physically safe environment. Staff work to the highest safety standards in all aspects of school activity eg. supervision, educational trips, residentials and pupil relationships etc.

We endeavour to place children’s welfare at the heart of all we do and this is reflected in our policies. The key documents: Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policies are all available on our website or copies can be obtained from the Academy office.

If your child had a significant ‘worry’ at school about an in school activity, another child or any other matter we hope that you or your child would approach a trusted adult at school to help resolve it.

Gill Durkin is our designated Safeguarding Officer and would be happy to speak with you in confidence should you have any concerns.

GILL DURKINYou can contact me on the main Academy number or via email: gdurkin@hpoolcatcote.org.uk