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EHC Plans

As part of the SEND Reforms that were introduced in September 2014, all Statements of Special Educational Needs must be converted to an EHC Plan by April 2018.

EHC Plans contain information about a child or young person’s needs in Education, Health and Social Care.  They are a legal document, meaning that the support set out must be provided by the relevant agency.  If it isn’t, parents can make an appeal to the SEND Tribunal.

The Local Authority has identified Year 2, 6, 9  and 11 as the priorities for conversion.  If your child is not in one of these year groups and has a Statement of SEN, it will be converted to an EHC Plan in a future review.

The meeting to convert a Statement to a EHC Plan follows the principles of person centred planning.  This means that we place the student and their family at the centre of all discussion and decisions, taking their views, feelings, wishes and aspirations into account.  The voice of the student and their family is extremely important and we try to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

From Year 9 onwards, EHC Plans focus on long term life outcomes that will best prepare a young person for adulthood.  We consider outcomes in 4 areas:

  • Good health
  • Education and employment
  • Independent living
  • Friends and relationships

EHC Plans remain in place for as long as a young person needs specialist support in education, up to the age of 25.