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  • Opening of ‘The Vestry’ – A community café in Hartlepool art gallery that is open to the public 5 days a week. Sixth form students and Post 19 students from Catcote Futures work in the café. Some receive bursaries to work in the café during school holidays and weekends. One student has progressed to now having a full time internship at the Vestry.
  • The development of an offsite provision to support our more able sixth form students at Hart Farm – Currently 9 more able students access this.
  • Implementation of the new sixth from curriculum – Distinct sixth form in place following a curriculum highly focused on better life outcomes including further access to work placements including the development of internships.
  • The development of outdoor learning – A working party is currently planning the development of the school grounds to broaden the curriculum to increase outdoor learning including forest school.
  • Introducing a ‘school within school’ model – This will enable improved provision for the changing population and needs of our learners.
  • Lead school within the European Erasmus + project – This is a project which is about cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices with European schools. The project involves developing the academy’s own business and enterprise skills to be used internationally.
  • ‘My work, my future’ – This is a project linked to the European Erasmus project which will involve our teachers sharing good practice around pre vocational and vocational learning.
  • Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) – The academy in collaboration with the local authority will provide bespoke courses for Hartlepool young people who are currently NEET. (age 16-25)
  • High Needs Autism provision – The academy is currently exploring the possibility of securing a building, which will operate a provision for students with high needs.