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Charging and Remissions Policy

Date approved by Governors: Feb 2013 

Person Responsible: Headteacher

Date: May 2017

We aim to ensure that Catcote School is a friendly and secure place, with a stimulating and rewarding environment. We want every student to make as much progress as possible. We aim to offer enriching experiences and a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum, using a range of strategies and approaches appropriate to individual needs and learning styles.

Policies are in place to contribute to the well-being of the whole school community. Each policy explains the necessary procedures to be followed to ensure that the policy supports the above aims.


The provisions of the Education Act 1996 (Section 457) will be followed.

In addition to free provision of education during the school day, pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support or family credit will not be charged board and lodging where otherwise applicable to residential activities.


Charges may be made for the following activities:

(a)   Board and lodging on residential visits.

(b)   The proportionate costs for an individual child of activities wholly or mainly outside school hours (‘optional extras’) to meet the costs for:

  1. Travel
  2. Materials and equipment
  3. Non-teaching staff costs
  4. Entrance fees
  5. Insurance costs.

(c)    Individual tuition in the playing of a musical instrument.

(d)   Re-sits for public examinations where no further preparation has been provided by the school.

(e)   Costs of non-prescribed examinations and preparations for such examinations outside school areas.

(f)     Any other education, transport or examination fee unless charges are specifically prohibited.

(g)    Deliberate damage to the school building or resources.

In line with Hartlepool LEA proposals the Governing Body will accept the remissions policy.