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Business and Enterprise

Enterprise at Catcote is not just a stand alone subject but is a part of our ethos and is supported through a variety of approaches.

Young Enterprise has been taught here since 2003 and has involved setting up and running eight successful Team Programme companies.

In 2005, 1 hour enterprise lessons were timetabled for KS3 students

In 2006 Catcote bought into enterprise initiatives for whole school activities.

In 2007 we introduced whole school enterprise weeks. Our first was “Slide into Summer” a 5 week enterprise project. The whole staff were divided into sub groups and each groups organised the activities. The themes were:-

  • Science
  • Health and well-being
  • Business and Enterprise
  • World
  • Drama

The impact was bringing the whole school together to work as a team whilst learning and having fun.

In 2008 Catcote finished the school year with a four week whole school project “Around the world in 20 days” themes – Holidays, local community, Europe and the wider world. The project finished with a camp on the school field to celebrate holidays at home.

2008 also saw the introduction of the ‘£20 Enterprise Challenge’. This was a competition which took place over a half term and led to each class having a stall at the summer fair.

The Enterprise challenge required each class to form a company to manufacture a product that could be sold for a profit.

embedding enterprise pic1

Over the years enterprise capabilities were identified and we decided to create our own enterprise definitions so staff and students understood them and took ownership of them.

In 2008 the 10 enterprise commandments were created by staff

  • Everybody matters – cooperate
  • New things – try them
  • Take the lead
  • Ears – use them
  • Respond to others – communicate
  • Perform as a team
  • Responsibility – show it
  • Initiative – take it
  • Solve problems
  • Everyday meet your deadlines

In 2009 Reprographics was introduced which created a business in school. This gave a real life experience of work related learning. This produced resources with a quality finish. Businesses and the public ordered, t-shirts, leaflets, flyers, business cards etc.

Also in 2009 Catcote school organised a sustainability fortnight –each class could chose a topic to study or set up and run a business on the following topics – go green, rainforests, a solution to pollution, coastal erosion, save the earth, don’t spoil our soil, global hotspots, organic foods, recycling.

Businesses which were set up were; -organic cafe, calendars, hanging baskets, scribble on scrap.

The work created throughout the two weeks was used to create a sustainability exhibition.

November 2009 Enterprise week – Make your Mark challenge took place and a group of students came up with an idea to produce jigsaws to promote the Tall Ships event in Hartlepool. This led to a business plan, working with a business partner for six months and trading at the actual Tall Ships event.

February 2010 Fairtrade enterprise

A townwide event took place with a competition for primary schools for a fairtrade design printed on fairtrade bag which was printed in the reprographics department.

Also a competition for all secondary schools in Hartlepool took place to design and make a dress from fairtrade cotton bags and display at a catwalk fashion show. We worked with Hartlepool schools group to organise the event and a group of students from post 19 made a dress and joined the other students on the catwalk.

Whole school performance management targets 2010 required staff to recognise levels of ability of each enterprise commandment in their areas of specialism in their own classes. This identified enterprise at all abilities from P levels through to level 4.

In 2010 Catcote school were recognised for the contribution to enterprise and were awarded;

  • Centre of Excellence from SSAT.
  • Centre of Excellence from Young Enterprise.

In 2011/2012 Catcote school organised 2 whole school enterprise weeks

1. Global enterprise week – taking part in the National Go Global initiative. Outcomes to produce a tourist information book studying the countries Nepal, Laos or Sri Lanka and produce souvenirs to sell during the global market day and to produce a portion of a global collage which made up a global bigger picture. (see picture above)


2. Fairtrade enterprise week Take a step into 2012 

Outcomes 3 minute video slideshow and a booklet showing the steps the students took towards Fairtrade during the week.

4 primary schools joined in during the week including street dancing.

Organised Design a fairtrade t-shirt townwide competition, printed by our students and displayed in town.

Visit to Saltholme, links with footprints and their Fairtrade cafe

Walked to St Georges Fairtrade cafe using pedometers. A quiz was created for them to take part in.

Inclusion students took part in activities with whole school. Horticulture potted shoes and boots with plants to decorate school and sell. Hair and Beauty worked with foot sensory activities. Reprographics printed t-shirts and posters.

BESD students showed clock making skills from driftwood which led to primary schools asking for skills to be taught at primary schools by BESD staff and students.

Coffee morning with Fairtrade products, Traidcraft shop and powerpoints running showing each classes 3 minute presentation of their involvement

£273 was raised for Traidcraft during the week and £170.54 gifts sold = £443.54

The school won the Margaret Demideka Award for the best secondary school Fairtrade event in the country.

July 2012 Olympic Enterprise Week

  • Visit by placed Olympic torch bearer.
  • Involved in Get set Olympics programme and awarded tickets to attend the Olympics.
  • Olympic Sports day.
  • All classes to create flags to go on permanent display.


December 2012   Literacy enterprise week – whole school to visit 7 stories (the National Centre for Childrens books)

February 2013     Careers Through Enterprise week –

July 2013   Community enterprise week – Flagging Community Links

The aim of the week is to build stronger links with the local community, giving a voice to both the organisation and our school.

  • Each class to select a community partner.
  • Visit and explore community groups in the local area.
  • Represent your community partner during a whole school celebration day.
  • All classes to create 2 A4 information pages about their community partner which will then be collated with the pages from other classes to create a Catcote Community Partners brochure.

December 2013 Literacy Enterprise Week – Fun at Christmas

February 2014 Careers Enterprise Week – Love your Career

July 2014 Community Enterprise Week – Community Links

To learn about our local community partners and help them to learn about the work we do at Catcote Academy

  • All groups to visit partners in the local community.
  • While visiting the community, each class is to take photographs and use the to create a community passport page.
  • All classes will be invited to attend our Spanish celebration day organised by Link 3 to celebrate the partnership created with a school from Spain and taste some Spanish treats.
  • Community Open Day – classes will invite Community partners into our classrooms to see what happens in our school.

Reprographics is now taught as an option subject leading to work skills accreditation. The department is run as a business providing commercial, in house stationery and promotional material to very high standards. BeeSpoke Enterprises is an initiative with high quality enterprise resources which are all produced internally by the reprographics department keeping quality high and costs low.