Several of Catcote Academy’s facilities are available for hire. If you require an application form please contact Paula Turner (Paula.Turner@catcote.co.uk). Please note that the caravan is only available for hire by the families of students.

Conditions of Hire Responsibility

The person who signs the application form is the hirer and is responsible for ensuring these conditions are adhered to and understood by all participants. The hirer must be over 18 years of age and be authorised to sign such contracts on behalf of the organisation.

The hirer will be responsible for payment of the hire charge and ensuring the facilities are only used for the purposes specified on the application form.

The hirer shall comply with all statutory regulations and enactments relating directly or indirectly to the hire of the premises.

The hirer shall not sublet the premises or any part of it. If an attempt is made to do so the agreement will be cancelled and the charges prepaid forfeited.

Hire Periods

Community Use periods are: Monday to Friday (Term Time) Weekend & Holiday Periods Caravan

15.30 – 21.00
09.00 – 21.00
Weekends and school holiday periods

Requests for use during school hours and outside of the hours stated above will be considered on an individual basis. Any request for use during school hours may require details of an enhanced DBS to be provided.


The following charges are for the hire of premises only and do not include additional resource costs e.g. staff costs and use of equipment. Discounted rates may available for educational activities and community use.

Standard Rate Facility Hire: £70 per hour

Caravan Letting Rate: £50 per night*

*(for current students accompanied by their family/carer)

In addition to the hire charge, a security deposit of up to £250 will be required to cover damage, cleaning or additional expenses that may be incurred in relation to the let. This is a refundable deposit.

Any let which includes the hire of equipment may be subject to an additional charge and/or increased security deposit.

All charges must be paid in advance, and at least, 21 days in before of the let. If a booking is made less than 21 days before the hire period then payment will be required immediately. An invoice will be issued by the Finance Department. Bookings will not be confirmed until payment, in full, has been received. For regular bookings payment will be made in advance at the beginning of each half term.

Notice to cancel a booking must be given at least 14 days prior to the let. A notice period of one half term should be given to cancel any regular / block bookings. In the event of a cancellation with undue notice the Academy shall have no liability to refund any payment made in order to compensate the Academy for any costs incurred and/or loss of opportunity to let.

In the event of cancellation by the Academy, unless for a reason which results in charges paid being forfeited, the prepaid charges will be refunded. The Academy will not be held liable or required to pay compensation for any loss sustained as a result of, or in any way arising out of, the cancellation of the hiring.


Facilities include:
MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)
Outdoor Learning & Fitness Zone
Junior football pitches (upon completion) All other playing fields and playgrounds Meeting rooms
Coffee Shop (excluding kitchen equipment) Hall (excluding kitchen area)
Ina Space*
Water Therapy*
Soft Play
Rebound Therapy*

Under normal circumstances the kitchen equipment will be unavailable to the hirer and the use of kitchen equipment will require express permission of the Head Teacher.

*Please note that some facilities will involve the use of specialist equipment and require trained staff to be present for which a separate charge will be made.


The hirer is responsible for any damages to Academy equipment and premises during the let and must reimburse the Academy the cost of any necessary repairs or replacements. Any such costs will be deducted from the security deposit where possible. Where the hirer holds relevant insurance this must be provided along with the application form.

The Academy shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the hirer or any other person present during the letting, or their property, as a result of:

  • Any failure or defect or want of repair in any fixtures, fittings, furniture, equipment or

appliances belonging to the Academy

  • Any failure or interruption in the supply of water, gas or electricity to the premises
  • Any defect or want of repair in the premises or in the means of access to the premises
  • Any theft or malicious or accidental damage

The hirer shall indemnify the Academy against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever which may arise directly or indirectly from the hiring.

If the playing of pre-recorded music or films etc will take place then a copy of the PVS licence authorising this must be provided prior to the let (not applicable to caravan letting).

Where the hirer is offering a service on our premises they must have their own Complaints Procedures and all complaints regarding the letting / letting activities should be directed to the hirer following their procedures.

Health & Safety

The hirer must ensure that all individuals present adhere to the Academy’s Health & Safety and other relevant policies which will be provided prior to the letting.

All exits / fire doors must be kept unfastened and unobstructed.

Where children and/or vulnerable adults are present during the let the hirer must ensure that they are supervised at all times, that the staff to child ratio is sufficient to ensure the health & safety of those children/vulnerable adults, the staff are properly instructed as to their duties and that if children/vulnerable adults are to be collected at the end of the session that suitable procedures are in place. The hirer must provide assurances that they have appropriate safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures in place.

Where hygiene facilities and/or disposal of hygiene items are required please include this in the application form.

Any person sustaining injury on the Academy premises during the let must inform the supervisor before leaving. The appropriate documentation must also be completed.

Fixtures & Fittings / Furniture & Equipment

No fixtures and fittings or other objects shall be affixed to the fabric of the building or furnishings and no adhesive of any kind should be used on painted walls (e.g. blu tack or cello tape).

The movement of furniture and equipment is not permitted unless previously agreed with the Premises Manager. The use of all equipment and apparatus is subject to prior written approval and must be requested as part of the application process.

No alteration or addition may be made to any electrical or heating system unless written permission has been granted by the Premises Manager.

The hirer must obtain prior written agreement to bring any apparatus or equipment onto the Academy premises. The approval of the use of any electrical equipment will include proof of a PAT test. The hirer will ensure that such apparatus or equipment is removed within such time as is agreed with the Premises Manager. Any property not removed may be done so by the Academy at the hirer’s risk, with the cost of such removal and any storage charges being recoverable from the hirer. The Academy is not responsible for any loss or damage to any property owned by any person during the period of the letting. Property shall be brought onto the premises at the sole risk of the owner.

Alcohol, Gaming, Smoking and Behaviour

Alcohol may not be consumed on the Academy’s premises without the written permission of the Head Teacher and any approval will be subject to the hirer obtaining the necessary licence. Gaming is only permitted in line with the conditions of the Gaming Act to raise money other than for private gain, and with written permission of the Head Teacher.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring good order is maintained throughout the period of hire and that only the areas agreed prior to the let are accessed by any participants. There should be no disruption to neighbouring occupants or staff / students on site at the time of the let.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Academy’s building or its outdoor premises. This includes e-cigarettes.


Parking requirements should be discussed with the Premises Manager prior to the let. The Academy does not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to a vehicle whilst parked at its premises.


No advertisements, emblems or slogans shall be displayed outside or inside the Academy premises without prior written permission.

Right of Entry

The Premises Manager (or designated supervisor of the let), Leadership Team and any other staff member given permission by the supervisor have right to enter the area of the letting during the period of hire.

Condition of the Premises and Reporting Damage

The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in the same condition as prior to the hire. The premises must be left clean and tidy with all equipment and furnishings returned to their original position.

Any damage to the premises or its contents by the hirer must be reported to the letting supervisor on the day of hire prior to leaving the premises. A written report must also be completed.

Failure to Abide by the Conditions

If, during the period of hire, any authorised member of Academy staff present is of the opinion that:

  • any of these conditions have not been complied with
  • there has been disorder or damage to property
  • an illegal act has taken place or is threatened
    then that staff member may summarily terminate the hiring by oral notice to the hirer, or in their absence to any other person in control of the proceedings. The premises must then be vacated immediately. No refund of any hire charges paid will be made under these circumstances.

Further Conditions

Where appropriate the Academy reserve the right to impose additional conditions to those described above.

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