Results of parent questionnaire Summer 2023

We are committed to making Catcote Academy the best possible place for your child to learn by providing a model of education within a supportive and well-planned organisational structure. Your views are therefore very important to us.

Question Positive
1 My child feels safe at school 94.78%
2 My child does well at this school. 100.00%
3 My child enjoys being at school. 94.74%
4 The school takes account of my child’s views. 92.11%
5 Teachers are good at keeping me informed of my child’s progress and welfare. 97.37%
6 The school has a good reputation in the community. 97.37%
7 Staff make me feel welcome in the school. 100.00%
8 The school encourages my child to work at the best of his/her ability. 100.00%
9 The school deals effectively with any behavioural concerns. 100.00%
10 My child is treated fairly in school. 97.37%
11 There is mutual respect between teachers and all children at the school. 100.00%
12 Staff show concern for the care and welfare of my child. 97.37%
13 The school is good at consulting me on decisions which affect my child. 100.00%
14 Overall, I am satisfied with the education offered to my child at Catcote Academy. 100.00%
15 If I raise a matter of concern the school will do something about it. 97.37%
16 Would you recommend this school to another parent? 100.00%
17 The school is well led. 100.00%

The very large majority of parents answered positively on all questions.

100% of parents said, ‘there child does well at the school’, ‘staff make me feel welcome in the school’, ‘the school encourages my child to work to the best of his/her ability’, ‘the school deals with any behavioural concerns’, ‘the school is good on consulting me on any decisions which may affect my child’, and ‘I would recommend the school to others and that the school has a good reputation in the community.

There were a few parents that answered don’t know and disagree for some questions. This is being followed up by our family, school support officer who is contacting the parents individually.

Parents are reminded where information can be found. We try to communicate information to families in various ways including:

  • Parents evening
  • Termly Newsletters
  • Website
  • Annual Review Meetings
  • End of year Progress Reports
  • Home school books
  • Class Dojo

As you will know you can always contact your child’s pastoral staff or contact our Student Family Liaison Officer Lyn Younger if you have any queries or concerns.

The academy has also set up a parent group (Coffee and Catch Up) to look at how we can further engage and communicate with parents/carers. If you would like any further details about this please contact Lyn Younger.

Please can we also remind families that Emma Straker our Special Needs Coordinator also has a wealth of knowledge and experience around SEN. If you would like to speak to Emma about any of the areas listed below please contact the Academy on the main number:

  • Changes to the SEN laws
  • Personal Budgets
  • Dealing with other agencies
  • Parent participation
  • Review meetings
Parent Comments
Great school and college.
Outstanding school and staff. My child absolutely loves every second and would go seven days a week if they could. My child is thriving with the support from every years classes and staff and I’ve never had one incident with staff to complain about. They go above and beyond with genuine care. It’s made secondary school a lovely experience for both of us removing many worries.
Brilliant safe school.
Well done to all – you are all amazing.
My child is always happy to come to school.
Thank you for everything you have done for my child over the last eight years.
My child loves attending this school.
Would like to say a huge thank you to Demi and Charlotte for all their hard work in helping my child become better in all her school life, if not for the the continued help/support from  them she would not be as confident as she is in school.
Just to say thankyou for looking after my child in school.  All of their needs are met and more, helping them to be happy and growing to be a beautiful young man.  The support we get between school and home is excellent and we couldn’t ask for more.
Thank you for all your hard work.
My child’s five years in Catcote Academy have given her the grounding for the best future possible!  I will be forever grateful to all staff for the kindness, support and consideration given to her and us as a family.


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