Catcote Academy/Catcote Futures Aspire Trust

This new initiative is to offer real-life work experience in a variety of work areas to offer the students a real insight into several work environments to enable them to gain valuable knowledge and experience of the world of work.

The students have chosen 3 work areas from the 6 available and will spend 1 term in each area, 1 day a week learning and working within their chosen environment.nA teacher and a team of job coaches throughout the day will offer, guidance and support to the students and Hartfields staff members.

This programme is now being known as: ‘Working Hart’. This title encompasses both a play on words and Hartfields. The Aspire Trust logo will also be incorporated into the words above to create a unique logo (this is being created by the Catcote team).

The students will wear a recognizable uniform, (dark red) tunics, black trousers and black flat shoes. The tunics will have the logo embroidered onto the front. This offers the students a sense of belonging and makes them highly recognizable when moving around Hartfields Retirement Village.

Aims and Targets for students

This will be very clear and concise for each student each term, giving staff members who are working with the student a clear focus for the work placement.

The aims and targets sheets will be in the student information pack given to the students work supervisor before the placement begins.

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