STEPS programme overview 2019

This Study Programme is for student’s aged 16-24 years with a Learning Difficulty Assessment or Education, Health and Care plan. The students will access a work-based learning environment to gain invaluable work skills and recognise they have progressed from a school/college environment to the world of work.

The students will be based in ‘The Catcote Metro’ retail outlet upstairs in the training room, which is based in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre. They will have up to 2 days per week studying specific vocational qualifications, employability and Independence related qualifications. They will also have the opportunity to access up to 3 days per week in specific areas of work in supported placements, which has been matched to their interests and skills set.

This programme is personalized for each young person based upon need, development and destination.

These work placements will be job carved and supported by an experienced Job Coach employed specifically for this programme.

As part of the STEPS programme, we also offer 1 day per week during the first year of the programme the opportunity to enhance and develop their employability ‘soft skills’ within a residential village working on a round robin system in 6 different areas of work.

Maintenance/ Bar/ Admin/ Domestic/ Catering, Hospitality/Landscaping

This part of the programme is called ‘Working Hart’

The young people wear a specific uniform and access the different areas to allow them to gain more understanding of areas of work they may not have considered previously.

Skills areas:

  • Independent travel – where relevant
  • Functional/transferable skills – Finance (money & Budgeting)
  • Personal care and presentation
  • Independent thinking skills
  • Employability skills
  • Accessing the local community
  • Vocational taster sessions to offer informed choices for destinations

This study programme can be accessed from 1-3 years depending upon the need and development of the young person.


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