Hartlepool Aspire Trust has a number of policies and approaches which inform the Catcote Offer.  You can read about these here or visit our Policies section or click on the titles below if you want to find out more.


Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Our Special Educational Needs Policy provides information about what you can expect your child to receive whilst they are a student at the Academy, including how we meet their individual needs and the extra support we can draw on to address any issues.


Assessing and reviewing progress

We have designed a curriculum focused on the development of core skills in English, Maths, Science, ICT and PSHE our Red Pathway students.  This allows us to track progress in lots of detail and provide parents with an indication of whether their child is working at the level expected for their ability. This system is updated regularly so we always know where each student is working, allowing the curriculum to be tailored to their needs.  For our students in Yellow and Blue Pathways, we use MAPP (Measuring and Assessing Personal Progress) to set and review personal targets linked to key skills areas.

We hold an Annual Review meeting for every student which focuses on progress and achievement during the previous year.  Along with parents, we invite any other professionals to attend and contribute to this meeting so that we can discuss ways to work more holistically and integrate provision.  The Annual Review also considers the effectiveness of the provision made for an individual student and whether it should continue on an ongoing basis or be amended.


Teaching approaches

We are committed to providing a friendly atmosphere where students can fulfil their potential, grow in confidence and above all, be happy.

We achieve this by employing excellent teachers and support staff who help students to develop both their academically and socially.  We encourage students to develop and express their opinions in a constructive and positive manner.

Our ultimate aim is to prepare all our students for smooth transitions into their adult life, increasing their understanding of their environment and ultimately the wider world. This focus begins during the early phases of their learning experiences and continues to develop with greater emphasis through the 14-19 curriculum.   Students experience a range of opportunities and experiences as they move through school towards adult life.



The curriculum is designed to address our students’ individual needs and offer a broad and balanced range of subjects, alongside opportunities for enrichment, experiential and work related learning.

Our curriculum is based on pathways which support students’ progression to adulthood and develops aspirations for employment and independent living.


Additional support

At Catcote Academy we know that our students’ progress and wellbeing go hand in hand.  We want to make sure we’re supporting everyone in the best possible way so we have a  range of help available, including key staff who have a whole school responsibility.


Dealing with complaints

Complaints usually arise when a parent or carer is unhappy with the way a young person has been treated, or with the way they have been treated by the school. Our Complaints Procedure ensures that every complaint is dealt with fairly and consistently.

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