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College Open Events 2023-2024

College & Sixth Form Open Days Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul website link
Askham Bryan   18th 25th   20th   9th     12th   https://www.askham-bryan.ac.uk/open-days/
Bede Sixth Form   10th 30th   23rd       14th     https://www.bede.ac.uk
Catcote Sxith Form                 22nd     https://catcoteacademy.co.uk
Darlington College   19th                   https://darlington.ac.uk/courses/important-dates/
East Durham College 30th 25th 29th   31st   7th   1st 15th   https:www.edc.ac.uk
Hartlepool 6th Form   16th 22nd   22nd   20th   20th     https://www.hartlepoolsixth.ac.uk/open-events/ 
Hartlepool College FE   10th 22nd   11th   19th         https://www.hartlepoolfe.ac.uk
Middlesbrough College   5th & 11th 11th 7th 23rd   13th 25th   20th   https://www.mbro.ac.uk/about-us/events
NETA Training Group TBC                     https://www.neta.co.uk/events
Northern School of Art   3rd 18th   13th 12th 19th     15th   https://www.northnart.ac.uk
Stockton Riverside College     7th       12th     11th   https://www.stockton.ac.uk/our-events
English Martyrs 6th Form             21st         https://wwwems.bhcet.org.uk
The Skills Academy   24th   5th     26th   21st     https://www.stockton.ac.uk/skills-academy-open-events
TTE   3rd 22nd   11th 6th 20th   9th 4th   https://tte.co.uk/events/

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Career and labour market information (LMI) includes information on:

  • career pathways and progression routes
  • applications and interviews
  • educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs
  • skills and occupations
  • professional bodies
  • employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends
  • job programmes, training and apprenticeships
  • job demands and working life
  • financial planning

Being able to understand career pathways and future possibilities is vital for all students, especially those with special educational needs. Providing access to relevant careers information can help you to determine your work preferences, skills, options and choices to build a culture of high expectation and connect you to a successful future.

Useful tips for students

  • Study job vacancies, look for common ‘transferable’ skills. Do you have these skills? If not how can you gain them?
  • Find out about the companies opening and closing in your area.

LMI can be gathered in many ways. Talk to your parents, grandparents or carers about their working experiences. Speak to the school CEIAG Advisor. Watch the news and read local newspapers.

Talk to your parents, grandparents or carers about their working experiences. Speak to your school Careers Advisors, Jackie McGarry or Louise Jackson. Watch the news and read local newspapers.

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