Success Stories

William Brooks

William has had a very positive start to Project Choice. He instantly became a popular member of the group showing his support for others. He is eager to impress staff showing the utmost respect and is always very willing to learn!

William was specific about the type of placement he would like to explore first, and this was to be within a supermarket and to William’s delight, Tesco was more than happy to mentor him. So far William’s role has included unpacking and restocking products, general tidying of shelves and assisting customers.

William has developed a lot of confidence in such a short space of time, he is increasing his customer service skills and has already exceeded the mentor’s expectations. William has been showing customers where to find items within the store and has been demonstrating excellent communication skills. He is always approachable, showing how friendly and polite he is. William is not afraid to ask his mentor questions or find someone if he is unsure with any requests from customers.

Since starting at Tesco William’s independence has greatly increased and now instead of getting a lift to placement, he walks independently there and back.

Debbie, William’s mentor, recently praised William for demonstrating an excellent willingness to learn new tasks, and how well he has fitted in within the team. Debbie reported that she has been pulling back on supervising William, as she feels he is really starting to understand his role and over the coming weeks she feels he will be ready to carry out all tasks required within the role. Debbie also remarked that there is potential for William to find employment at Tesco.

Finally, William states that he is thoroughly enjoying his placement and when this placement duration comes toward an end, he really would like to stay with Tesco instead of finding a new placement. He loves working with Debbie and her team and has built up a good working relationship with them, feeling a strong sense of purpose and belonging. He looks forward to attending placement and would like very much to increase his working hours with them soon.

Project Choice staff are very proud of William’s achievements so far and believe his journey will go from strength-to-strength 😊



Meet Keiron

Keiron is gaining work experience within Catcote Academy as a Forest Ranger, he is working towards a Junior Forester Award and a John Muir Award.

His tasks are wide and varied, exploring our outdoor areas in school and looking at how he can maintain and take care of it.

Some of the responsibilities for the Junior Forester Award are:

  • identifying risks and improving areas to make it safe for himself and others.
  • identifying different trees/plants/wildlife
  • exploring habitats and improving areas so wildlife/minibeasts can thrive
  • building things/planting new flowers and trees working on his fine and gross motor skills
  • working on his communication by explaining what we have in school/outdoors to visitors/adults around school

The John Muir Award enables young people to discover and explore wild places. Kieron is responsible for a specific area and with support from key staff he ensures that the area is well looked after and identifies how it may be improved. It also encourages him to share his experiences and think about his emotions when he is exploring the outdoors. 

Well done Kieron, you are gaining some invaluable skills for the future!

Meet Kim

Kim completed her Supported Internship Programme in 2018, she was on placement at McDonalds Restaurant, Hartlepool. As a result of all her hard work, she has successfully obtained paid employment. Kim works in the Dining area and really enjoys all aspects of her role. She states “‘that she has made lots of new friends and loves working in the dining area, meeting customers and dealing with enquiries’. Jasper Maudley, McDonalds Franchisee is really pleased with the work that Kim has carried out and said “Kim is hardworking, and is like any other member of staff! No different!”

Meet Chris

Chris is an ex-student at Catcote Sixth Form and has recently completed a supported apprenticeship with Catcote Academy, achieving an NVQ 2 in Catering and a Level 3 certificate in Food Hygiene. At the end of his apprenticeship Programme, he was offered paid employment at Catcote Academy, he runs the Bistro independently and mentors other students who are gaining work experience in the catering sector. Chris stated ‘I love my job at Catcote School, I like to make cheese scones, quiches, and my customer services skills are improving every day!’

Meet Rachel

Rachel started her Internship Programme with Catcote Futures in July 2017, she spent three days on work placement at her old School, Springwell Primary as a Dinner Nanny and also offering classroom support Rachel worked hard on her placement and as a result was offered paid employment from September 2018. Louise Hargreaves, Assistant Head, ‘Rachel always has a smile on her face and has a friendly and approachable manner. She follows instructions well and is helpful and patient when working with the children’.

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