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Day One

Hello all from a cold and wet Sweden. We have celebrated Christmas (yes that’s right) this morning. Sadly no presents but a wonderful choir. After this our students took part in team building activities and once again they were great. 10 out of 10 for effort. We finished the day with a tour of Norrkoping which is beautiful city.

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Day Two
We visited a large town called Linkoping and made our way to the old town. It was like Beamish where they have moved and rebuilt old buildings. We visited an amazing science museum, which was full of interactive experiments. The students were encouraged to touch and explore by play.  After visiting the museum we then went to a second museum, which was filled with aircrafts.



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Day Three

We started the day with the students making a presentation to the other countries featuring 10 interesting facts abut the UK. The student’s presentations were excellent. We then set about creating a storyboard ready for our film making session tomorrow. It needed to be about a fairy tale, folk law or legend (ours involved a sinking ship, a monkey and a noose!). Our afternoon involved taking part in sports and yet again our students put in 100% and enjoyed being winners!

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Day Four

Here is our final report, as we will be setting off on Friday at 3.00p.m. We started the day visiting vocational areas including the Hair and Beauty departments. All students we models. The boys had their haircut and styled and the girls had their hair styled and had make up put on. During the afternoon the students made their own film about the Hartlepool Monkey. This was great fun and the students created an excellent piece of work. Finally we were all invited to a farewell evening with other staff. We had a nice meal and took part in fun quizzes. The UK decided to split into two teams to give the other countries a chance but then actually came 1st and second! It was a great evening and a good opportunity to meet other staff.

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