Year 7 Catch up premium 2016/17

Total number of Year 7 pupils on role 22
Total number of Year 7 pupils eligible for Y7 catch up 22
Total amount of Y7 catch up received £9625

Summary of Year 7 catch up spending

Objectives in spending PPG:

Raising attainment and achievement of Y7 students to at least expected progress In English and Maths.

Summary of spending and actions taken:

Improved transition programmes:
  • Taster Sessions in the Summer Term
  • Improved links with feeder primary schools through the work of the academy’s Well Being team.
  • OT assessments


  • New books for higher level interests but lower level reading ability.
  • ‘Reading Eggs’ programme.
  • Kindles- basic model with reading only.
  • New books for independent reading system with clear phonic levels.
  • Theatre trips.


This academic year in Maths we intend to use year 7 catch up to:

Develop and increase our visual and kinaesthetic resources so that all staff teaching in year 7 have a wide range of engaging tools to develop key concepts across the curriculum.


100% of Year 7 students in Maths and English made at least expected progress when compared with similar children nationally.

22% exceeded end of year expectations in Maths and 21% in English.


Intentions for 2017-18


  • Nessy – Computer based program designed to help students of all abilities learn to read, write and spell.
  • Further phonics books and schemes.
  • Theatre/Cinema trips.
  • A residential based around a book students have studied.
  • Library books for all abilities.


  • Large playground resources
  • Assessment package for Y7 students

Continued improved personal transition programmes


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