Lip Dub – Thank You This Morning!

One of the most effective ways our students learn is through Performing Arts. Students  learn to express themselves in different ways and develop confidence; we have seen incredible progress that has exceeded all expectations. Students who, when they first arrived at Catcote, found it too difficult to enter an assembly are now performing on stage for hundreds of people.

The sad part is that we receive virtually no funding for performing arts projects and with endless government cuts facing all schools we fear that our children will miss out on this valuable experience.

We won’t let that happen at Catcote, so we have to take matters into our own hands and raise our own money. For the second year we have created our own version of an American craze – a Lip Dub! They are so much fun to film and watch and we involved everybody in the school, from students to teachers, admin staff, and our legendary headteacher!

We uploaded the video to Facebook on Wednesday last week and initially thought it would be a nice thing for parents, students and friends of the school to enjoy and if they could donate some money to our GoFundMe page, then that would be brilliant. What we didn’t expect was the amazing response from people all around the world! The biggest surprise was when we had a call from ITV’s ‘This Morning!’

This Morning told us they would be sending a camera crew to us with one of their reporters, Dr Ranj and doing a live broadcast from our school hall! Everybody was so excited and couldn’t believe that our video had touched the team at ‘This Morning’ so much that they wanted to share it with their viewers. But that was nothing to when they told us live on TV that they had donated £3,500 to our GoFundMe page meaning we hit our target! Then when Holly and Phillip told us they were giving us £2,500 each of their own money we couldn’t contain our emotions!

Since our ‘This Morning’ appearance we have been all over the news, from Hello! Magazine and the Daily Express to Prima Magazine and the Daily Mail! All of this media attention has allowed us to raise over £12,000 at the time of printing!

This was such an amazing experience for all of us at Catcote and we cannot thank the ‘This Morning’ team enough for their support and overwhelming generosity. The money they have helped us raise will help to pay for things like microphones, sound systems and lights and enable us to produce musicals, that are very expensive to put on. It will literally change the lives of some of our students and allow them to grow in confidence and self-esteem in unimaginable ways.

If you still haven’t seen the videos, look on the Catcote Academy Facebook page or the ‘This Morning’ website! And if you would like to donate to our fund, search for ‘GoFundMe Catcote’.

It’s been an incredible year for Performing Arts at Catcote and Mr Kitson would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff and students who have help make it a year we will never forget!


Massive thanks to ITV This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby for their amazing donations.

Click here to watch on ITV This Morning website

Click here if you would like to donate on our go fund me page.

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