Inspire 2 Learn Visit

Students from our 6th Form went to Inspire 2 Learn in Middlesbrough to take part in a functional maths task based on the construction of a railway line.

Students discussed what makes good teamwork and had to ensure they used all of these attributes within the task. They had to decide on how the work was to be shared and make an action plan to get the job done in the time frame given (they even cut their lunch short to get back and finish the job!!)

Students used math skills to cost up the railway line but also had to consider social and environmental factors. The cheapest option was not taken by either of our teams as they justified a higher cost to help stop the destruction of housing and nature.

Students also had to design train carriages and a station which would attract more customers to rail travel.

Then students had to present their projects to the audience. It was an excellent day and we really want to thank Andy and his team at Inspire 2 Learn. We look forward to returning for another challenge soon.

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