Visit to Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins Visit - November 2019

The staff and students in link 3 would like to thank Travis Perkins for their kind donation of wood, glue, and nails.

Their donation has helped our students create their cracket stools for their enterprise project. This was part of their Enterprise topic and has allowed students to learn valuable skills while completing their project. These skills have helped students build confidence in their own abilities and enhance their chances of future employment.

To say thank you, students visited Travis Perkins in Hartlepool today and proudly took in their stools. John the store manager kindly gave them a behind the scenes tour. He was a fantastic guide who took the time to explain each area of the yard. Students gained valuable insight into the workings of the business. He explained everything from accounts to the different types of materials needed for construction.

Students have previously visited a building site and now have an understanding of where the builders purchase all their materials. The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit and thanked John for his support in their enterprise.

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