Annual ‘Trashion Show’ Event

Sam Lee, (Publicity Seekers) Assembly!

Trashion Show!

Students from Key Stage 3 & 4 are currently working on our annual ‘Trashion Show’ Event.  The project will run over the next 8 weeks, students are learning about the environment, the importance of recycling and the impact that this has on wildlife and the planet. They are also learning about the different job roles required to plan an event and how they are able to promote their Event to reach a wider audience.

Sam Lee spoke to the students today in assembly to offer advice to promote their show!   They loved to hear all about her organisation, her career journey as a sports journalist to having her own PR Company ‘Publicity Seekers’ They received some great advice and top tips from Sam on how to work together to ensure that the event is a great success.


Well done to all students, you asked Sam some great questions! And Thanks to Sam for offering her time to chat and offer her invaluable expertise.


The project will end with a ‘Catwalk!

Watch this space!!!

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