Creative Careers Week Catcote Academy

Students took part in creative careers week. We were selected by creative culture and skills as one of two school settings to represent, participate and share feedback on the week.

Students enjoyed taking part in the Creative Careers Week and were surprised at the amount of job opportunities each section had. After each session students went away to research areas they were interested in and as a result found pathways that interested them. The week was really interesting for students and they gained lots of insightful information.

In Link 4 we explored the creative careers website and found some exciting careers that we didn’t even know existed. It was interesting to watch the videos to give us insight into how different people got into different roles in the various industries.  Class 10 students learnt a lot about what they might be interested in. They found more information to help other people and our class discovered what types of jobs are really out there in the real world.

Class 10 explored a wide range of creative careers such as gaming, textiles, film and preforming arts.  They found that the digital platform ‘discover!’ offered a wide range of video programmes, work place tours to introduce and celebrate creativity. This made it easy for them to pin point individual interests. Some students were inspired to look at traditional forms of photography, film and equipment, looking at contemporary differences.  Students were able to participate in live chats and explore creative career opportunities.  Class 10 recycled an old chair inspired by Jay Blades short video. The students used recycled clothes, fabric and other materials as part of our Eco schools and biodiversity topics around school. The students were inspired to use a variety of online design and gaming platforms alongside Lego to create characters and structures for their creative stories in English. They implemented their new creative skills into the ‘moon zoom’ topic over the week.


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